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ISA - Institute of Advanced Studies promotes and organizes international and interdisciplinary research activities.

ISA gives researchers and professors of Alma Mater Studiorum the possibility to invite scholars from all over the world to Bologna in order to foster activities in education and research.

The Institute has been an active member of a number of international networks such as the Network of European Institutes for Advanced Study (NetIAS) and University-Based Institutes for Advanced Study (UBIAS).

ISA is a branch of ISS - Istituto di Studi Superiori together with Collegio Superiore.


ISA aims to promote the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas and knowledge at an international level.
The history of the Institute and the yearbook of Deans and councillors.
Partners and Sponsors
The international and/or institutional partners and sponsors.


The Director of the Institute.
Resident Fellows
The governing board.
Staff organization, skills and contacts.

The administrative offices and the facilities for the Fellows' activities


Press Kit
Press releases and promotional materials to know the Institute.
Photo Gallery
The events told in images.